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Paco Pozo combines more of 30 years of top flight experience commercials , films , music videos  & corporate production .   

From big budget film & commercials to digital documentaries , and just about everything in between.Bi-lingual production support and unrivalled experience means you can concentrate on getting the best for your client. 

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Jamiroquai . Cloud 9 . Director Charlie Lightening Producers Octavia Landy & Paco Pozo Almeria 2017

Some Directors/Credits – 1989@2023

Daniel Barber – The Tonto Woman – Western nominated to Oscars 2007 – Pozo@Line Producer

Charlie Lightening – Jamiroquai 

Gerad de Thame- Lincoln

Noam Murro – Mercedes Benz E-Class

Michael Haussman- Coca Cola Light

Daniel Wolfe – San Miguel “A Life Well Lived” 

Christopher Morrish – McLaren 570S

Ivan Bird- Mercedes Benz

Nick Dimbleby- Land Rover

Lucy Gossage- Visa

Ivan Grbovic – MacDonalds

Howard Greenhalgh- Jamiroquai- White knuckle ride

Howard Greenhalgh- Jamiroquai- Blue skies

Martin Cood – Range Rover

David Edwards- Seat leon

Christian Loubek – Sharp

Mikko- Oasis Coca Cola

Jeroen Willekens- Levis

Gabi Martin- Pepsi Fernando Torres 

Martin Aamund- Budweisser

Frank Dewaele- Bridgestone

Claas Ortman- Sebastian Vettel`s “ Tirendo” 

Alex & Steffen- Adidas

Daniel Barber -Shell/Ferrari

Daniel Barber- Boots lash 

Daniel Barber- Shell

Billy the kid  Western BBC

Jorge del Rey- Red Bull F1 / Pepe Jeans-

Producer for

Filmed ( Sotogrande – Cadiz – )

Bees Pictures ( Malaga – Barcelona )

Good Rolling Films ( Barcelona – Malaga )

La niña films ( Malaga , Madrid , Sri Lanka )

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