Jamiroquai White Knuckle Ride

Jamiroquai White Knuckle Ride

Paco Pozo  & Manic Butterfly Productions have been in Almeria desert shooting the new videos of Jamiroquai for the new album Rock Dust Light Star, White Knuckle Ride & Blues Skies, directed by Howard Greenhalgh for Crossroads Films

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No more videos with flashing squares – when you’ve made as many iconic clips as Jay Kay has, from now on he wants to make videos that are more like short films. And yeah, if that means he can call in his chopper and show off his newly-qualified-pilot skills, cool.

Jamiroquai – Jay Kay and his band of time-served musician-teammates – are back. The blistering, poetic, meaty, reflective and inspiring Rock Dust Light Star, his seventh studio album and his first for new label Mercury, is the result of two years’ work. Although admittedly, in that time Jay Kay also learnt how to fly helicopters, a hugely arduous and mentally challenging undertaking.

In the game, and on top of it. Jamiroquai are back.

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