Jamiroquai Cloud 9 Monica Cruz

Jamiroquai Cloud 9 Monica Cruz

Cloud 9

Director Charlie Lightening

Producers Octavia Landy & Paco Pozo

DOP Dan Lightening

Here it is new Jamiroquai Cloud9 promo we produced @ lighteningfilms @ la niña films , great working with Jay Kay again really is a true artist and Monica Cruz was perfect driving & dancing…


Paco Pozo made it happen with an amazing Spanish crew. Dan Lightening made it look great as ever. Octavia Landy and Piers held it together and Rose Forde made it beautiful. Pablo D’Ambrosi with the edit. Appreciate all the hard work, enjoy…..Charlie Lightening@Director


Back to Cosmic Girl road …Thanks to great crew and location@Jay Kay  


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